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Welcome to SETREP

There is a way to live your busy life and still find the healthier you without starving yourself, buying expensive prepackaged food, or spending hours at the gym. [SetRep] Personal Training Inc. focuses on the long-term goal that is achievable and sustainable.

[SetRep] offers competitive prices on both full and half hour sessions. A program will be developed based on your specific needs and goals. A schedule that flexes with your life will include nutritional advice and guidance, and a support outside of the gym.

No membership is required.

No contracts will be signed.

No minimum amount of sessions must be purchased.

A very private setting will allow you to work to your best ability which increases your probability of success.

[SetRet] Personal Training Inc. fills a gap in the health & fitness industry by accommodating those not willing to use the large franchise gyms. Also, those wanting more attention than medium and large group classes are able to provide.

Whether you are a beginner, someone hitting a plateau, just want to kick your workout up a notch, or are looking for help cleaning up your eating habits, contact Amy for a free consultation!